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Originally Posted by Athena View Post
.... To me polyamory involves some kind of intent to be open to the possibility of having more than one serious partner ....

The term "polyamory" was specifically invented to serve as a shorthand for a style of relationship -- which is centrally about loving, as contrasted with just sex. Now, of course, passionate love generally (though not always) includes sex. But there is a sort of apples and oranges thing going on here. Sex, per se, is not identical with love -- while (of course) these two can go together nicely. I see no reason to muddy things up by throwing bunches of apples in with the oranges in one crate.

Originally Posted by Athena View Post
.... However, are we dissing people who at this stage of their emotional development are into casual sex by calling polyfuckery? or is it strictly people who can't come clean about their casualness about sex that end up getting put in the polyfuckery category?
The term "polyfuckery" was likely invented in order (with some humor) to emphasize that sex isn't the same thing as love ... and folks ought not to apply the term polyamory as if this were not the case. Some folks, it seems, have been misusing, and in some ways abusing, the term "polyamory". That's all. And some folks want to defend the word from such misuse and abuse.

It's not necessary to "diss" casual sex or those who enjoy it in that conversation. But some people do, and will. But this, again, gets into apples and oranges comparisons -- when the context is in relation to polyamory.

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