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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
I think that's the difference I do NOT want to spend every waking moment with my partners.
This is a bit of an exaggeration "sure I like to spend a lot of time with my wife and girlfriend" But in reality I work, run a side business, and I have lots of friends. So I build up a healthy about of "miss" throughout the day...this is where I get my "retreat" or "space" In my office at my side biz or at a friends house.

Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
I think it really comes down to the people's personality. Maybe you don't need any alone time. Maybe you hate any second you are alone. I've known people like that, who have never lived alone, always had a roommate of some sort because they can't stand the idea of living alone (and not for money reasons).
And then you have people who, as much as they love other people, also require alone time. I am like that, and it takes a great deal of solitude before I feel lonely. I can spend days not seeing another human and not realise it. (Well that hasn't happened in a while now since I'm married and live with my husband, but it's not something I have suffered from in the past).
To become someone I'm comfortable around takes a great deal of time and trust, and even then it will never be a 100% of the time kind of thing. And certainly not 100% of the time with two people at once (or more).

Each person reaches a saturation level at some point, and I need my alone time on top of that. I don't think it means I don't love them, just that I work differently
I guess you are right I don't seek out me time because it just happens naturally. Like right now I'm in my office alone I really haven't thought about if I would seek space out if I didn't have in happen organically...Interesting concept.
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