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Well, "polyfuckerous" doesn't have "amor" in it. ;-) I have had quite a few friends-with-benefits in the past, most of whom are still dearly beloved friends. I've also had various playful, enjoyable, light encounters with people with whom I had no intention of becoming deeply involved, and they with me. I've even had *gasp* a few one-night stands in the past. As long as everybody knows what's going on, is not flying false colors, and is comfortable with this (and is not only practiciing safer sex, but also knows the risks despite safer sex), I've never seen the problem.

Two of my three partners have hardly ever been involved with anybody with whom they were not emotionally bonded in some way. My third partner has. So I don't use the term "polyfuckery" derogatorily as this woman does. I'm not into slut-shaming under any moniker. :-)
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