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Default Resume the Position

The wait is finally over. After a week of limbo and a weekend of emotional distress, Monday evening greeted me with my retained girlfriend status, in its current capacity, and left me with the intimacy I have been yearning for for two weeks as this situation played out. (Refer to Not Feeling the Connectivity in the New to Polyamory section if you're lost)

There are still things to ponder, and we don't know where the relationship will end up, but we do know that we love each other and, throughout this ordeal, nothing has changed in our relationship as far as how we feel and our interaction with each other. It is the future that concerns us.

I am at ease for now. I know that the future is uncertain and, the existence of a solely platonic relationship with his wife, brings the search for other opportunities for them to connect with other potential mates who may be more suited for the triad she desires. Well, really, I don't even know if she desires a triad so that is something I'll have to ask her whenever we hang out. I know this poly pursuit has been more for his benefit than hers because she has had boyfriends/partners on the side who were not involved or acquainted with her husband.

I received an intuitive tarot reading two weekends ago and, during that reading, the intuitive told me that the relationship will dissolve at some point based on the energy surrounding it now. I shared this with my male partner which he brought up last night. He was stating that he, too, feels that the relationship will dissipate over time but he isn't sure why he feels that way and he isn't sure how he feels about that thought. He did state that, even before this point, he felt some subtle tension between his wife and I and he isn't sure where it's coming from but, because of this, he has had this feeling about the ultimate outcome of the relationship.

We can only wait and see what the Universe has in store and, in the meantime, live in the moment.
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