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Breathes' birthday present arrived in plenty of time! YAY!!! Now I just need to go get the other half of it . It's Jeff Dunham's biography, Arguing with Myselves which was just released on Nov. 2, & the DVD which has been out for some time.

Friday night is cake & ice cream with Possibility's family (who also happen to be his gaming partners). Saturday is his to do with as he likes (probably sleep since he's worked nearly three weeks straight with only a couple of days off & is starting to drag) until about 5:00 when we'll get ready to go out for the evening! Dinner at a local Mexican restaurant with family and friends then off to Yuk Yuk's for an evening of comedy! (Sam Easton from Final Destination 3 & L Word is the comic). Sunday is more time for himself (sleeping again?) and dinner with his family! A full weekend and all devoted to HIM!

I got to spend about half of Sunday with Possibility. He came over here & we got some play time in! WOOT!!!

We have discovered that I absolutely LOVE to play with his nipples! lol Whenever we leave each other he ALWAYS has sore nipples! hehehehehe So many delightful ways to torture them, so many delightful noises & I do believe his wife is slightly sadistic as well, lmao. She will tweak them, grab them just to hear him groan or squeal, lol.

Apparently our relationship is helping him with his other relationships although his husband did make a comment the other day about his doing things for his girlfriend that he wouldn't do for them????? Possibility has said that he's now trying to do more things FOR his other partners so they will be able to see that it isn't JUST for me that he does things.

It's something which is really quite simple. He's got a really bad habit of eating in front of the computer and not taking the dishes & garbage to the kitchen. That has now stopped because I told him either it stopped or he lost that privilege & would be eating in the kitchen! His hubby asked me to do something about it soooooooooooo, I did .

Yep, I'm happy. It's not always easy going, it's not always good times. Sometimes it's discussions which need to happen. Some times life happens & gets in the way, forcing us to do those necessary things which we would much rather leave to another day (procrastination is the bane of my existence) or not do at all. Some how it all gets done & I'm able to get back to the fun times again for a while. Either way I'm happy. The only thing that could really make it better would be for Breathes to have a partner whom I could actually like and get along with.

Life is about to happen. I need to get off of here, fix work lunches & hie myself off to work *sigh*.
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