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And it's that type of intellectual laziness that causes a lot of emotional problems for me in the past. A slacker style of not thinking things quite through so that it seems as though you've thought about it a good bit and can convince yourself you've thought it through. I get thoughts to a certain point and then say, "well that's enough, i think" even when I'm not even finished or when the lack of conclusion will inevitably lead me into even deeper anxiety-provoking territory. And I'm a "smart" person!! Maybe it's not so much laziness as it is a type of self-delusion like I was talking about, not really getting to the "heart of the matter" in my thinking. I'm going to start back in therapy again, seems like a good idea with all the confusion and feeling triggered. Just starting to think about things feels like the right thing to do. Instead of skimming over my wants, needs, thoughts feelings and etc. perhaps spending some time in introspection would assist. I do look to the outside so much for help in processing things and if I know myself correctly, I probably take it to an extreme.
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