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I'm typically on the end of being "left" behind because I don't live with my poly couple. I can remember one time when we were coming back from a shared camping trip. They live together so were, of course, traveling together. I lived 7 hours north and east of them and was traveling solo. As we parted ways I started thinking about how it would feel to be the one sitting next to our guy in the truck and going home with him and her being in my position, e.g. going home alone. I had this instant feeling that I would feel a part of "us" was missing and that I'd wish she was with us, too. I don't know how they felt. I never asked.

I find I most often get jealous when I don't have the kind of time with our guy....or with my couple....that I'd like. And since they live together I do get jealous of the easy access they have to one another. I find myself getting jealous when they do something together that I'd like to be doing with our guy, e.g. riding motorcyle. I remind myself it's ok to be happy for wish them the best of times...and sad or disappointed for myself.

She sometimes works all weekend...straight through Fri. and Sat. nights for 48 hours. He and I...and sometimes her 9 year old son...make it a point to go visit her at work and take dinner or a snack to her. We sometimes stay and eat with her. And when I was driving by where she works on my way to see our guy the other night, I phoned to ask if there was anything she wanted or needed since I would be coming through the area and would be happy to drop something off for her. She said there wasn't, but she was very pleased that I had thought of her.

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