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Hey all thanks for your replies. It's all a big journey and i hate to try to guess the ending (except we all die, lol spoiler alert) I promise I am thinking about what everyone's said... I tend to be dishonest with myself more than anything else... a HUGE flaw when trying to be polyamorous. I see that I have a lot of work to do on just facing the things that I am and that I tend to do emotionally. For starters, I imagined when we first got married and said "monogamous til further notice" that "further notice" would mean one of us would go for a same-sex partner (as bisexuals do sometimes!). Then i accepted THAT concept of polyamory and didn't think any further about it. I didn't think of my problems with gender and fitting into female-ness. Didn't think of my formative experiences getting rejected by guys because of being too average looking with small boobs. I was like "oh cool, he'll suck dick and maybe I can watch? Polyamory sounds GREAT!" - to be continued -
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