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I thought the whole "vaginal orgasm" thing was a Freud nitpick to make chicks feel bad about themselves (no offense intended, sigmund). I can't recall an orgasm I've had without mucho, mucho clit banging involved. I always think of my clit as a tiny, tiny penis, you know the occasional guy whose penis head cannot be touched? That's like my clit. Touching the head of the little thing kills me!!! but mooshing the "foreskin" around the clit area is soooo great! Maybe taking a little time to get to know your clitty (and think of it as a mini penis, that helped me with the anatomy soo much!) will help with the pain/sensitivity issues you seem to have. The "foreskin" play is so nice during straight intercourse (can't have my legs up in the air is a problem though, foreskin can't be tight!) and works most of the time! Since we're ALL so very sexually different and diverse, I've tried to not feel bad about it either!! Good luck.
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