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I love reading how all of you are working through things.

I have learned through several failed attempts that I cannot live with people. I don't know why it doesn't happen with Karma, but anyone else I have spent more than a few weeks with, I end "finding" reasons to get upset and fight with them. It's always bothered me because I've almost lost several dear friendships due to my inability to live with people.

I have to have a routine and particular way of doing things and adding someone else to the mix throws me all out whack.

So when I first found out about Cricket I asked Karma his ideal for this mess. He said he wanted to come home to the two women he loved.

How was that EVER going to work?

I've read over a lot lately and think my issue with roomies is my need for privacy. I need that alone time. Even from Karma (though I tend to forget that).

So Cricket and I talked a while back about buying a house and coverting it to a duplex. Her space and my space, with Karma floating in between.

This meets so many needs.

He is just next door if either of us need him.
My routines don't get intruded on.
Her routines don't get inturded on.
We can be together or apart as much as we want.

Thanks Mono and RP for sharing the good and the bad. You're paving the way for the rest of us.
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