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Default Empathic or Sympathetic or both, which one are you?

Redpepper and I talk a lot. We also have different views on many things from relationships to social inadequacies and capitalism. It is our differences and constant learning that makes our love more destiny than logical. There is armour around us that we built over time which things can't penetrate.

After having several interesting discussions with Redpepper about our different approaches to friendships and emotional resolution to things that happen, I believe it has a lot to do with one major difference. I am more sympathetic and she is empathetic.

"Both sympathy and empathy involve "tuning in" to ("entering") the other person's inner world. After tuning in, the person using empathy temporarily becomes that person in a limited way ("identifies with"), for example, the grieving and loving son; this does not usually happen for the person using sympathy."

This plays a role in how we connect with people in general and how we assist others. Although I have empathic tendencies they usually involve actually living in the negative experiences I see which makes me in turn negative in my own life. I have learned that being sympathetic is much more healthy for me.

I love her being an empath. This is just one of many reasons I find her fascinating as well as beautiful. I think she believes this causes a rift between us but it does not. It makes me appreciate her letting me share in her love even more.

So here's the you feel more sympathetic or empathetic?

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