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Default Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to say hello to everyone. Poly is something that my partner and I have always been comfortable with, but not necessarily something we felt we need to explore in our relationship. We are a gay couple btw. I have to admit I don't know a lot about being in a poly relationship, but I also never thought that I would meet such a great person and feel so comfortable with him that this is something I'd consider. Its funny to look back on your younger self to see how you have matured over the years.

We're in the process of setting rules within this poly adventure we have decided to take. I would be receptive to ideas and feedback on that as both of us are feeling our way through the dark here. We are both very open and honest with each other which I think is definitely step one, but in terms of "rules," we are both lost. Hopefully I will get some good advice from more experienced poly folks.

I do know that neither of us want an "open relationship" or at least not one by the definition we know it by. We want to have meaningful connections with other people, neither of us are into anonymous sex.

I look forward to talking to everyone and learning more about this new, exciting phase of our lives.
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