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Default NRE for a second time.

I've been in a triad for about ten years now, but eight years ago I dated this lovely man with whom I fell madly in love. My partners liked him a great deal, and had no issue with me considering him a "primary" partner. In fact, there was some talk about us all living together eventually.

Unfortunately, he and I had a major misunderstanding that escalated in an incredibly stupid way, on both our parts. Our relationship ended.

Fast forward eight years. We remained friendly and pleasant with one another, and both of our lives changed significantly. I've had two children with my partners, and he's done a significant career shift, and is now in his third year of law school.

On his second cross-country bicycle trip this last summer he decided to contact me, simply to ask some questions about the ending of our relationship. During the course of texting and emailing, we discovered that we'd never really fallen out of love with each other, but neither of us considered that the other one felt the same way. We continued to text, email, and talk during his trip, and eventually decided to start seeing one another again when he returned.

He's been back since August, and WOW! We are really back in the saddle with each other, and it's better than it was before. We've talked seriously through the assumptions and misunderstandings that led to our break-up seven years ago, and feel confident that we now possess the tools together to avoid something like that again. My other partners are extremely happy for us, and are extremely encouraging (although my wife thinks we're disgustingly cute for forty-somethings). His other partner is also pleased, and wishes us both well.

I never did think it was possible. But it seems I was wrong. Again. *laugh*
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