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Well, so the person I was talking about left the forum and asked to be deleted from it. She said she didn't recognise herself because unlike most people there she wasn't vegetarian, she was in a couple and she was faithful (emphasis mine) and she didn't want people to be able to someday look her up and find her associated with that board, so she asked for all her info to be deleted.

Wow. Way to over-react. I can't help but feel a bit... shaken by that. I mean, I can understand leaving the forum because she couldn't relate to people who were single when she's in a couple, or to people who were vegetarian when she isn't (this being said, most people on that forum are in a couple too, and vegetarians aren't the majority either, so I'm not sure what she's talking about). But the "I don't want my name to be associated with people like that", seriously, I can't imagine it has anything to do with food choices or being single. I'm pretty sure she meant me.

I wouldn't have recognised myself in the "faithful" thing, but nobody on the forums is a cheater (or nobody said they were at least) and it happened so soon after her comment, I can't imagine she meant anyone else.

Of course, she's gone with her account deleted, so I can't even contact her to explain in case she misunderstood. It's... well, it's annoying. I wish she had just left without making a big deal out of it.
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