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Originally Posted by Danny40179 View Post

My wife had much the same feelings at the beginning and it took lots of me reinforcing that she ALWAYS came first. Especially at the beginning of a new relationship with someone. There couldn't be a question about that otherwise the lifestyle would never have worked. The core relationship has to be completely intact before you can branch out.
I just want to be really clear that this isn't a reflection of me feeling insecure in my relationship with my husband. I have spoken to him already about it. Now we're just working on solutions. The only issue is needing to feel relaxed in my house. I'm sure that one day I'll be completely comfortable having her there but she's only been in my house when I've been home 4 times. And I think I've only seen her twice in person outside of that. It's got more to do with my relationship as a metamour with her than it does with anything to do with their relationship.
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