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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
I think this would be best served by sitting with your hubby and just telling him exactly what you wrote. Then the responsibility is on him to establish that guideline with his girlfriend. The thing is, you shouldn't have the responsibility to ask her to leave, but you do have the responsibility to let your hubby know how you feel. AND....and this is a big AND, you should not feel guilty, childish, controlling or insecure in asking this. Got it? Don't make me hypothetically smack your ass
What Mono said, but it seems like you came up with a good solution too!! LOL In all seriousness, what Mono said was on point. It's not your responsibility to ask her to leave in the morning, but if you're having these thoughts then you need to communicate them to hubby. It's his job to set the boundaries that the gf has in YOUR home.

My wife had much the same feelings at the beginning and it took lots of me reinforcing that she ALWAYS came first. Especially at the beginning of a new relationship with someone. There couldn't be a question about that otherwise the lifestyle would never have worked. The core relationship has to be completely intact before you can branch out.

Open lines of communication are something that I preach because they're so important to making this work. When I say open, I mean completely open. There should be NOTHING that you keep from your SIGNIFICANT other. There's a reason they're considered significant.

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