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Default Great advice

Thank you, that is great advice! Yes, I am finding that this just forces me to really find strength in myself and my choices. And to develop the self esteem to give myself space to not know what I am doing and be okay with that. I don't find that I fit neatly into any boxes, but I think that, since I've started living this way, it has changed how I view relationships. I don't think I can ever think the same about my relationships, even if I were to find myself in a monogamous situation again. My friends are always pressing me to define and explain myself, and I find that so hard when I am still in the process of figuring myself out! I think we all are!

Even my monogamous-minded friends are in the process of figuring themselves out, it's just that no one ever questions their process, because it happens to fall in line with the norms of society. It is unfair to have to defend myself all the time, and to not have the right, like anyone else, for my relationships to not work out. I guess this is just what it means to be a minority of some sort.

Again, I am SO thankful to have your insights...
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