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Originally Posted by Lindorah View Post
I am having some relationship issues with 2 of my partners to the point where I feel I need some professional counseling to help straighten things out in my mind. My question/concern is, does anyone have experience with discussing poly issues with a counselor/psychologist? Can they help without being biased against the lifestyle? Any input would be much appreciated.
My Poly councilor ROCKS!!! She gets right to the nitty gritty…She just has a way of reading body language and asking probing questions like I do and I love it. She can identify the “real” issues when people can’t quite put a finger on it. Some of the "normal" councilors will try to push there own views on you..."this lifestyle is unorthodox thus having unresolvable issues" This is not what you want to out a poly councilor and you will find that they are very neutral. They don't push poly on you or monogamy.
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