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@Trucker- I hope the flying went well. Yea, I've always been pretty candid about my partners and lifestyle. I mean, I don't walk around with a wraparound billboard on but it only takes one to ask and I speak freely. I guess it's a bit easier for me, though, because I'm not legally married to anyone so I can throw as many names out there as I want to without people really questioning it. When people come to my cube, they ask who is in the pictures and I tell them... my girlfriend or female partner... my male partner, mate, or Dude (yes, it's a term of endearment:P), and a potential or two. lol...

@vodka- 'wifey' is not a derogatory term. Then again, I guess it's all about perception and the exposure one has had to the term. Though, I don't use it, I know many women who call their women 'wifey' and some men who use it who have more than one woman because, in our definition, it means favorite but not only.

@Imaginary- the 'wife and girlfriend in the same sentence'. Gotta love it!
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