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Default Simultaneous NRE

Well, this is a new twist for my gf and me. We've been together 20 mos, and I've met and dated quite a few people besides her. She's only met one person she's found suitable, last fall, and that relationship ended when that guy got too busy to pursue a relationship.

Now, this past week or so, she "met" a guy who found her online and they've been chatting lots and lots, and have plans to meet in person this week. He really sounds perfect for her, kinky, poly, respectful, bisexual and smart. And sexy, yeah. He's about her age and in a LTR with a woman, who is poly as well.

Meanwhile, Ive been narrowing my search for other partners to ones who are (very horny but also) interested in a real relationship, meeting regularly, doing activities, and really good at the art of literate informed humorous conversations.

A guy, R, messaged me on okc who seemed to fill this bill. We only chatted a couple times and he asked me to meet him for drinks. We ended up meeting last night, and it went pretty darn great. He seemed very open, honest and sincere. He's 39, single, never married, no kids. He messaged me this morning to say how much he enjoyed our date (polite! gotta love that).

So! Now both my gf and I are in the throes of new relationships with seemingly lots of potential (fingerscrossed). It definitely adds a new dynamic to our relationship. I sense we are both holding back on gushing to each other too much about our excitement...heh

No questions or problems yet, just wanted to write down my feelings about this simultaneous, very new relationship energy.

Comments welcome from anyone who has dealt with this situation before and has any words of wisdom.
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