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Default Depends on the situation

Some bad news to me is easy off the cuff - better to deal with in company... i.e um terribly sorry but your car was stolen....
as opposed to those deep deep pains that come instantly on hearing of the death of someone close - those I like to deal with by myself at a beach or forest, in a natural environment away from bystanders.

Other bad news - being rejected by a loved one - I tend to curl up in my bed and sob my heart out, until I am able to put it aside and start living again - with visits to my natural happy place to regain my balance periodically (this goes for the death one as well - just its step 2 instead of step 1)

but largely it depends on how deeply the news hits and where in my heart it hits...

In a way I suppose that leaves my loved ones out in the cold for a bit... I become very introspective and moody until I have refound that balance, and haven't yet found a way to let someone into that process. It's my pain, and I will deal with it...
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