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Well I've had some revelations, some poly, some personal...I've been reticent to vocalize these mainly due to a lack of motivation to post and a decided lack of ability to put down these in any coherent here goes...

TP's sense of serenity has benefited me in numerous ways....obviously she's not snapping or reacting angrily, but it's been great to see her happy. We've been less sexually intimate but physically we are closer than we've been in a while; we're making it work.

As for me and poly I came to a couple realizations; first I can take it or leave it...poly that is. Exclusive of wanting to be in a poly relationship, I guess to be comfortable and stop worrying about getting another relationship...I was forcing it, and I realize that I've fallen ass backwards into any relationship I've been in....dammit! Why did they let Michael Vick back in the NFL?? he's killing Indy's secondary! I guess I'm comfortable with myself and where I am is that right now I need to just stop worrying about trying to find an OSO and enjoy what I have because I can... If it happens it happens, if not I can deal...

I've come out to my closest friend and I've come out to a friend from high school and it went over well; I still don't think I am able to come out to my family but that will be with time I am sure. For now I just look casually for an OSO and enjoy the heightened physical intimacy...things are ok.
Polyamory is wrong! It's Multiamory or Polyphilia. Mixing Greek and Latin roots? That's wrong.
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