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Originally Posted by FlameKat View Post
This test is very helpful and can tell one so much about oneself in such a short time Thanks for the link to it. My scores are:

33% Physical Touch 10
27% Quality Time 8
20% Words of Affirmation 6
13% Acts of Service 4
7% Receiving Gifts 2

I was very surprised to find Acts of Service down so low on my love languages - with a few physically limiting medical conditions, I need a lot of help with daily chores and whatnot. Very surprised to find it so low on the list.

*And having physical touch so high on the list makes my LDR even more amazing, and even more amazing that both the men I love are in another country :P guess I must be a glutton for punishment :P
Well having PT high on the list may indicate that when you are most content and feeling loved is when you are physically intimate. LDRs may require more of the other aspects to equal PT and QT. Acts of Service may not rank because while you may require assistance once in a while you do not expect it. Just a thought. And I agree it is an interesting little quiz! Wish 2Rings would take it!!!
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