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Originally Posted by ForestsandFullMoons View Post
I live in Springfield, MO. I joined a couple poly groups on Yahoo but the nearest people live fourty five minutes away and don't even talk on the Yahoo group so I doubt they'd talk much in person. If anyone lives in or near Springfield let me know.
Not quite true actually. I live in Ontario, Canada. I don't participate a lot on some lists but I love to talk in person. I DO have a life aside from the computer and have decided to live it instead of a very unfulfilling cyber life. Maybe those who are 45 minutes away are just busy living life and haven't even noticed yet that someone new & fairly local has joined the group.

The groups I tend to be more active on are a mish mash of people from all over the world & from all walks of life.
There are as many ways to do polyamory as there are people practicing it!
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