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Anyone reading this blog from the very beginning must be shaking their head at the who's who roster. I swear I'm not operating under a "flavor-of-the-week" model! It's more like the "gotta kiss a lot of frogs" model... Except there's less kissing and more awkward dialogue.

I'm at the tail end of being sick for a week and a half, and my last blog post may have been a little misleading in terms of my being interested in people. The honest truth is that there is a local man and a foreign woman whom I'll call Passport, both of whom I've been talking on the phone and texting with for some number of weeks now.

In Passport's case, I desperately wish she was local. I've been sort of on the fence as to whether or not I should talk about her or not, seeing as there really isn't much I can do about a relationship from here. Yet I'm one of the few people who thinks LDRs can and do work, and as I've said elsewhere, I'd like to honor the connection I have made with this lovely woman. It's not likely to die anytime soon, and I suspect she'll be a semi-regular part of my life for quite some time to come. I very much enjoy talking to her, and to be quite honest my connection with her has killed stone dead my urge to find a local girlfriend. The sort of support and flirty texts that I get to share with her are quite satisfying for me. I wish I could have more time with her, but the dynamic seems to be working very well and I am enjoying getting to know her very much. Overall I'm very happy with making this connection with Passport, even if I don't really have a name for what it is.

The local man works out of town, so he's been gone until very recently. I have had a hell of a lot of fun talking with him over the last three weeks, but I've been remaining very cautious until I actually met him. We have plans to meet this coming Monday evening, but we engineered a small "break the ice" meetup at the post office today, and I'm glad we did! Now that I've met him I am finally sort of allowing myself to get a little excited, and I'm really looking forward to Monday now. At the very least I've gotten myself a very fun friend!
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