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Talking Life in my Circle House

My circle house is the only thing I could think of to describe my lovers in one small acronym. For those who haven't been "in the know" I'll give you a break down:

Andulvar: My husband and primary. We've been married for 3 years after dating for one. I met him when we both work at Hollywood Video (good riddance to it!) shortly after he broke up with his cheating whore of a fiance. I live with him currently and we have two cats. Yeah.

Marius: One of my oldest friends and first loves, Marius is the girl I always wanted to have but she was always taken. We went through a lot of rough patches so far, one almost ending us completely, but we still are very close today. She is the one I feel the most comfortable with (besides the obvious).

Company: Marius's primary and husband, he and I have had a rocky relationship. We started out not quite liking each other and almost ended that way. There are still many things we need to figure out :/ but my attitude toward him has changed considerably.

Thunder: The only one of us lacking a primary, sad face. He and I are working on our relationship, which right now is leaning towards more platonic (but this could change).

Vegeta: Ariel's primary. I started getting close to Vegeta a few years ago before she moved down south to be with Ariel. It made things much harder, especially because of the drama between Ariel and I. I relate a lot to her though, especially humor wise.

Ariel: Things between Ariel and I have also improved considerably, after a long session of talkies and a few tears. We connect on a very emotional level as well which is nice for me. Ariel is the one I have to go the slowest with as many of these changes are a bit hard to take for her. But it's cool...they're hard for me too.


Last night was the first night we all spent together, although it was far from romantic. Everyone (excluding Andulvar and I) created a mattress room which is basically a room with two beds filling it. Seven people, a full size bed and a queen size bed...picture that in your head. It was cramped as hell! Not to mention the made my work day full but I though it was well worth it.

Tonight we had a polyfam dinner planned, along with another stay over but those thoughts quickly turned a bit sour.

My friend, Rage, is most of the problem. She, Marius and I were really close back in the good 'ol high school days. She even puesdo-dated Marius for awhile, I say psuedo because it sure didn't stop her from sleeping with other people. They ended badly, friends-wise as well, yet they stayed some what connected. Rage moved down south for awhile and came back up a couple of times, this time is more recent.

Rage is...well, dramatic and a bit of a user. I use to enable her a lot back in the day but today is a different story and she doesn't always see that. She lives a wild lifestyle which recently has caused her to greatly injured her knee. She's in a leg brace and feeling rather worthless, especially since her family is fighting around her. Anyhow...

I get a call from her, begging me to let her crash at my place tonight. She had gotten in a huge fight with her aunt and was a complete wreck. I declined, telling her I had prior plans (she's knows I'm poly but doesn't necessarily like it). This didn't go well as- she hung up on me. I called Marius next, who explained that I had to do what I felt was right and that she understood and didn't blame me. Marius already knew what I was going to do and I love her for it. I went to Rage, bashed my plans and went to her (like the supposed "bad friend" I am). When I got there I explained to her, in a the most non-angry way I could that she was blackmailing me, emotionally. That no matter what she thought of me to please not take me for granted. That just because I don't call her or do everything with her means that I don't care about her. In the end, I left without her, yet she decided it. Hopefully, I gave her something to think on :/

We didn't have enough time to put together our original dinner but Ariel pulled out someone fit for all of us (sexy Asian cooking) and I hope that our eve goes off without another hitch.

Rage makes me die inside though...seriously.

I'm a pansexual female- married to Andulvar and dating Marius, Company and Thunder<3
Blog: Life in my Circle House
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