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Default Newbie stopping in to say HI

Hi everybody,

I am possibly thinking about going this route, if not in my current 8 yr relationship, then in my future ones. I guess I have always had this belief that there is no "1" person out there for everybody and maybe it is time to actually live it instead of believing it.

Currently an 8 yr relationship is coming to an end if I can't convince him that maybe this is the better route for us. Have brought it up a couple of times, but today got more serious about it. Sent him a link to a website with an actual "defination" for Polyamory and how I feel it seems to fit to our situation current and past.

Both having grown up in the "typical" monogomous families with those kinds of traditions instilled in us, I think he is just a bit frightened of the stigma with it. Also, thinking the current "other" girlfriend wouldn't go for such a notion..but also thinking he won't bring it up either. Yet she is fine with him and I still living together...but who knows what stories he might be telling her..IDK.

That is my story in a nutshell.
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