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Question Thinking about going Poly

I am just not sure where to even start, but I am more and more feeling like this might be more of what I am looking for relationship wise. I am currently in a situation of a boyfriend that I have had for 8 yrs now. We have had our on again and off again moments, more because he is younger and seems to not exactly know exactly what he wants, or doesn't feel he gets "everything" from me.

I am fine with that, but also love him so much that I have suggested "opening" the relationship up..but not just for sexual purposes, for the all around finding another woman that can fullfill what I can not. He swears he will always love me, and is currently pursuing somebody else, while still living, sleeping, and emotionally attached to me. I have suggested a poly relationship to him and he just shakes his head and chuckles. He has always said he can't fathom handling two women....but he is doing just that!

We have both been on this on again, off again....possibly also have emotional ties to somebody else...sounds poly to me, am I wrong???
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