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Originally Posted by nightwalker View Post
When my partner goes out with her new boyfriend I am told to have compersion and to be happy for them. I am very happy that they are going out to have fun and quality time together but I also feel sad when my partner doesn't want to spend time with me. I have to babysit which is ok but it means i can't distract myself when they are out. I don't believe this is jealousy as I am happy for them to go out together and willing to mind the kids while they are out.

My question is as I am having compersion for my partner and her boyfriend what are they feeling for me? Is there a positive term for what they should be feeling for those left behind to mind the fort. I have heard some people mention gratitude or appreciation for the sacrifice but is there a particularly poly term for this gratitude or appreciation of those babysitting or alone at home while their partners are out having fun?
Hi nightwalker, taking another look at your post this seems the perfect example of what I talk about in this thread:

(scroll down to my post entitled examination of feelings)

You know this is not jealousy, it is your PRIDE that is being stung here and rightly so IMO. It is an indication that something is not quite right, you are being taken for granted and she needs to address this.
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