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I am really impressed by the topic, discussion of, and all comments. I don't think I am capable of true unconditional love. I think that for ordinary people yes, even spouses who are beating each other up physically, I can still see the healthy easily lovable parts, and still have a love for their trying to do therapy in the hope they can live in a healthier way. However, there are people like Hitler, like Ahmadinejad who just go out there and say I want to kill everyone who isn't exactly like me - and I just can't find them lovable in any way whatsoever.
I can however, love basically good people who because what they were taught as children is messed up, think they can't love another perfectly good human who doesn't happen to be straight, or they think the only way to love some one who isn't Christian, Muslim, Jewish or whatever is to make that person just like him or her to keep that person from going to hell. Or they will tell people you can't get married to more than one person, because my pastor always said you couldn't so you'll go to hello operator (hell) because your spiritual advisor has a different opinion. (Or people who say you can't live together except if religiously married to those who think no piece of vellum or papyrus in the universe can keep two or more or whatever people together when they don't want to be together anymore). I know that they are thinking the same thing about me. They are thinking, good person, I love her, how do I save her from herself. The difference being, I think, good person, I love him or her, how do I save the world from the mess they are making thinking they're doing good?
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