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Now that I've got 15 minutes.....

Breathes......annoying? Never! Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight .

His birthday is next Sunday & I've got some stuff in the works for the whole weekend. His curiosity is going to drive ME bonkers! He's asking leading questions, giving me suggestions & enjoying (I think) the fact I won't say anything other than "You'll find out when the time is right" or "Birthday/Christmas surprises". He can't stand it when someone ruins a surprise for him as former fwb is wont to do.

He hasn't had a chance yet to talk to former fwb yet about the fact he's no longer interested in her for anything other than friendship. Understandably this is a conversation he wants to have face to face despite the fact he knows how badly she'll react. He's been happier since he made that decision though. YAY!

Things with Possibility are going good although his attitude towards his other partners is going to drive me 'round the bend! The attitude has always been there I guess I'm just now starting to see it better & realize that it does bother me. He loves them but the way they banter back & forth sometimes puts me on edge. It's something I'll have to talk to him about at some point.

Son's homework assignment--recipes with bibliography. He wants to do Southern recipes in honour of my heritage . I've got some phone numbers & Southern cooks books plus my mom's recipes so he should have plenty to work with .

Off to work on a cousin's assignment, lol. Flat Stanly--they want to learn about different parts of the world (grade 1) so they want some unique things about our part of the world--Can't get much more unique than Mennonites & Oktoberfest!
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