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Default Where is the line between healthy and..

OK, so some of you know my current disaster.

My most recent concern is how do you know if it's poly. I was in my first truly mono relationship, and my wife (f&f) decided she was Poly. We have since gone our separate ways. Please do not get me wrong, I am not anti-poly, she handled things poorly. How do I, can I, ever decern if she is truly poly, or utilizing the term for some other unhealthy behaviour? She claimed poly, but behaves in a much more addictive, unloving, unkind, boardedline manner. How do I, can anyone, figure out if these are newb sans mentor issues, if or she is in fact, just off her rocker? Her behaviour seems to fall into a pattern that the less caring the partner, the more she falls, the more caring (me) the further she runs, she seems to be spiriling into a self-hate abyss. It seems, to me, that this isnt a ture loving poly nature. One of her most recent escapades has started taking money from her, Im disgusted by this, this jerk is 12 years her senior. We are no longer together as she committed herself to her new relationships, and kicked me to the perverbial curb.

I guess Im looking for some sort of validation that this behaviour is what will make her happy, and that shes not had some kind of mental break (which I believe is the case). Again, Im not against poly, or swinging, or any kind of alt relationship if done with repect for one's self and one's partner.
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