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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
Forgive my ignorance, what's ssa's?

I haven't even gotten up the nerve to have the discussion with my husband yet. I have left subtle hints, but he doesn't do well with hints, so I probably will have to say it flat out, this is what I want ...
Hi there!! nice to meet you. ssa = same sex attractions. I'm not familiar with all the abbreviations either. I only know that one because i came out as queer/bi first.

I was raised that telling the truth up front is always a hundred times better than getting caught in a lie. so i didn't tell him right away. I couldn't even understand why i was attractive so sexually to this lady. after researching and speaking with other lgbt women, married women, and bi's i realized oh jeez, i really was attracted to her. it was funny to think i couldn't believe i was attracted to I shocked myself!

anyway, i think the positive thing of doing it this way and being completely upfront about what im researching, thinking, planning, as created a tiny little bit of trust. but its still a slooooow process for us, i guess. luckily for the "adjustment period" there's noooo poly ladies married bi ladies anywhere near it hasn't come up...beyond my attractions for some straight
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