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Well, all sorts of developments since my last post. A female friend of ours (S) is currently discussing being with Mr FA. She's taking it slowly and has obviously got strong values about fairness and honesty, which is great. I really hope they work it out as she's a great friend and I'd be happy to have her in our life

E has been fucked around by his ex the last few weeks so has been pretty quiet. After breaking up in Feb over her being mono and him poly, she got a job where he works (creepy!) and then started saying she'd try being poly and making loads of plans with him. She then said she didn't think it would work and really hurt him. It sounds like she's been stringing him along and he's pretty cut up about it. He's said enough is enough now but still feeling it. As a result of feeling this way he only halfheartedly played online with me Thursday night. This pissed me off so I suggested today (when I'd calmed down) that we have a bit of a break. I don't feel great about it but I think with time it'll get better.

A has continued to be distant which has made me feel pretty rejected. As Mr FA has been negotiating with S (see first para) he's had a chance to work on some things in his head, and now feels happy with me seeing A for non-PIV (for now) play in the coming months, with the understanding that we'll see how we feel after each time and go from there. I mentioned this to A and got a frosty reply (to be fair, he was having a pretty rough day) which made me feel awful. After chewing it over in my head (which allowed me to realise that A isn't the best communicator and this may be the shape of things to come) I told him I wanted to discuss some things with him and sent him an email. It outlined what the current situation is and communicates that if he isn't that interested then I'm not looking for emotionless fucking. No reply as yet, we'll see how that goes.

I do feel like we're getting somewhere, but this week has been a rough ride for me.
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