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Craigslist is like that, sadly, RG, but while it does function as some sort of (sad) indicator, it's helpful to remember that a lot of other queer-friendly or gay dating sites are far more relationship oriented or welcoming.

By the way, I've had more than a few of my own Craigslist ads flagged and removed BECAUSE I said I was looking for more than just a sex partner for the moment. CL is treated as turf by sex addicted, intimacy avoidant "whores" (as you call them). They hate guys like you and me. They hate us for our relative freedom and how it reminds them of their own terrors. They don't want to have us around because we represent the freedom they feel they cannot embrace: the freedom to love in whole way.

Originally Posted by RazeGeneration View Post
I've yet to meet a gay man who didnt treat sex like it was the whole cake....
We exist! There are millions of us. And we need each other -- whether as friends or lovers.... Do not despair. Instead, situate yourself for the happy accident of meeting another like yourself, a man with a wholesome heart.


This is from an email I just sent to a friend.:

I just came from an especially interesting, good, happy, smooth, friendly, long conversation which began with two guys I just met, Christopher and Daniel. It was really cool. And then Christopher took off, so it was just Daniel and I, and we continued to sit and talk in the Santa Fe Plaza park.... And then Daniel brought up homosexuality. And things began to get bad. He's not the least open minded on that subject, says all gay people have a "soul sickness" and he hopes people will "straighten it out". It started with some mention (his) of rainbows, and how the conspirators behind the scenes have co-opted the rainbow for use as a gay symbol -- stolen from the "rainbow warriors".

It went so suddenly bad and worse that when I got up I basically told him to fuck off. I know that doesn't help my cause much, but the guy needs to understand that he's not a doctor diagnosing an illness but a man in ignorance of others (and the subject) throwing judgement, hatered, and contemptuousness at innocent people who also happen to be repressed and cursed the world over.

It was weird going from such warm waters to an icy bucket of water dumped on my head.

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