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Originally Posted by CielDuMatin View Post
I think that you need to get yourself 100% sure of why you had a problem the last time, and know in hour heart of hearts that it won't happen again, or at least be confident enough about it that there is only a very small chance of it causing a melt-down.
This but I think when it comes to a woman's body image stuff it never goes away. It is just how we are raised and it always lingers in the back of our minds... at least that is my experience of it. To think/say/assume it won't come up again my be short sighted. I think it might be better to figure out with him how to deal with it as a part of your relationship dynamic that you share, rather than putting it all on you Kk. You are valid in your feelings even though they are not rational. You are beautiful no matter what and he believes that... so what do you need to hear from him, what does he need to do in order to make sure you are reminded of that next time... hell, any time! What do you need to do (ask him) so you don't freak out and go down tat road again, what could you do next time at the get go so as to not spiral into those negative thoughts?
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