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Hey RP...Thanks so much for your input! We realize our situation might be a bit tricky... We've considered opening our relationship up, but then we decided we'd rather share our experiences with someone who we are both invested in, and someone we can share something meaningful with (which sounds like polyamory to us, from what we know of it). Of course, this probably is the tougher way to go than approaching it as individuals looking for relationships separately. We've already received invites to "play" with others separately, but we've been declining them as that's not what we're after. We agree with you about those sites...mostly BS, but its all we knew of until we stumbled across this one, which has been very eye-opening and positive. The reason
we thought, at first, finding a relationship with less strings would be better is that we *thought* we wouldn't have to be as concerned with the usual heartbreak that goes along with really falling for people, or having them fall for us. From the looks of it, though, it happens regardless. Besides, we are more the sensitive types than the insensitive types we thought we might have to adapt into being for the purpose of what we thought we were seeking. (Whoa, confusing!)

The more we think about it, the more sense this lifestyle seems to make, but that still doesn't really help our situation much as we're ruling out close friends and even acquaintances as we don't want to ..umm.. start dating our friends (call us crazy). We can see how it would be relieving for them to be aware of it, at least..but since we have yet to experience anything, there seems no pressing need to tell anything.

The cool thing about opening our minds up like this is we have met some new and interesting people, at least, which is exciting. Overall, we're not too dream-y about this situation (we think we're pretty level-headed), we realize what could happen, which is why we're being cautious. We also know this could break us up, and if so, we're both fine with that - then that's what's meant to be. It does seem worth the risk, rather than wondering your whole life what might have happened if...

-Drea and David
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