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Hmm...I'd say keep pushing for it, if that's really what you want. I'm sure he'll go for it eventually, if you keep prodding him (since he brought it up in the first place). You probably just needed that time for emotional adjustment...Plus, it would probably all clear up if you just said what you said on here to him. No doubt he thinks you're beautiful...he is your husband after all. Besides, there's all different types of beauty and just because you may look like a tomboy, doesn't mean you're not beautiful! Most of us understand how it feels to be down on your own looks, but if you have someone that really loves you, it shouldn't apply. Just love and let yourself be loved...don't hinder it because you feel self-conscious. That's my two cents, I'm a novice at polyamory myself but I've given it some thought. Hope all goes well!
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