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I think that it depends on the circumstances….Wifey and I were having sexual interactions with women some time after our NRE came to a plateau. I was enjoying myself. One of our friends with benefits was at our house and I asked her just hypo if her family or spiritual beliefs would prevent her from being our girlfriend…..we talked about this at length (the three of us….) That relationship didn’t work because she wasn’t into women…”it was just Wifey” but really she was being with me through Wifey…but that is another story…..

Our current girlfriend our sweet sweet Nik….We just told her that if we was to ever have another girlfriend that she would be it she had already had some knowledge about poly because we had all been together sexually …she had just gotten out of a 5 year lez relationship and her and I had had a connect from our teenage days…so it just all fit…..we talked about how much of a challenge it would be and we ran with it…so far we have been through a lot but we are all very much in love with each other…and the bad stuff was all worth it…
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