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Default Plus Sized Polyamory

Hi Shirley,

You should be proud that you are aware enough to be working thru your issues about the crazy woman and about the fact that you are a heavy woman.

I do not know how best for you to deal with the crazy woman but I do enough about plus sized women to offer some insight. It is normal (amd I think somewhat healthy) for a big woman to have a submissive side. Thus. I really think you might be best off looking for your lover(s) to have a complementary dominant side. As confident as a big girl can be on the surface, it is generally true that a heavy woman needs strong doses of physical affirmation as well. I used to go out with woman with attractive, socially accepted and admired body types. However, I discovered about 10 years ago that I really prefer a plus-sized woman and really want to affirm her large body (especially a big, round ass). So, make sure that your lovers are excited about you on the outside as well as on the inside and make doubly sure that they can make feel more self accepted in your body. I wish I could cast my eyes on you and tell you how important this last part is.

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Hey everyone.

I'm a seasoned poly person who, to my complete shock,went monogamous and has recently come back to polyamory. I'm having a difficult time adjusting and have posted a really long story seeking advice here:

That aside, I'm a 27 year old professional living in Charlottesville VA. I'm really into fat advocacy and have started a size acceptance group here in town. Aside from that I like a pretty normal list of hobbies: reading, writing, sewing, cooking, music and seeing live music, fatshion, comic books, video games and general subversiveness.

I used to be active in my local poly community when I lived in another state and sadly this area does not have a poly group that I can seek support from. So I am looking to make new poly friends and be part of an online community.

Hope everyone is having a great day!
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