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Default I did it!

Mr. A is a commercial pilot, just starting his career.

This weekend, we're going flying together, in a little four seat Cessna for the first time. <insert obvious joke here>

At any rate, I was chatting with my officemate just now and asked if he had any plans for the weekend. He said not really and asked about mine.

Perfect opportunity!

I told him I was excited because my boyfriend was taking me flying this weekend. I always refer to Indigo by name, so coworker said, "Oh I didn't realize he had his license."

I replied that yes, he's a pilot. Coworker started, "Wait ... " and I interjected with "Oh. My boyfriend. Indigo and I don't believe in monogamy."

Coworker responded with, "Oh. Okay. Well that'll be pretty cool!" And the conversation continued on.

My hands are shaking. I am relieved to be myself.

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