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Default Hello and Welcome

Your wife is a lucky gal. Your concern for her happiness is really touching. It seems you both have your heads on straight and are moving forward in a very loving way at a pace that works for you. I hope you will find the support that you are looking for here,- there are many really wonderful, genuine people on this forum.

And here, here! I am also easing into this way of thinking and going through all of those challenging but beautiful conversations with my own husband. I feel the same way- if it doesn't end up working out, I'll feel content with the powerful closeness and self-knowledge that he and I have experienced just by trusting each other enough to explore it together.

Out of curiosity, which article was it? There has been much discussion on here about the way that the world is effected through people speaking out about poly in different ways.

It seems you and your wife are an example of how someone else speaking out gives others the seed to explore their own feelings and the comfort of putting a name to it, knowing you are not alone.
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