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Breathes has surprised me once again!

He called me from work Monday night to say good-night as he always does when he works evenings. We got to talking about Saturday night. He has decided to tell fwb that they will be sticking to strictly friends from now on, no more play & definitely no more sex! Her attitude is really starting to piss him off & he remembered some advice adored friend gave to him about another relationship & applied it to this one. Adored friend had told him that it was selfish of him to try to keep up a relationship with someone especially when it was hurting me because it was hurting him!

Let me try to clarify that. The person was hurting him with her attitude & unwillingness to communicate & it was hurting me because I hurt when he hurts.

Earlier on Monday I had sent him an email asking for a couple of concessions concerning fwb while I worked on my attitude toward her & tried to figure out what, exactly, was setting me off. When he told me his decision I asked him if that decision came from the email I had sent-he hadn't even read his email at that point so didn't know what the heck I was talking about! I'm happy that he's made the decision but sad that it had to come to this. It's a long story which I don't have the time for right now.

In other news...Possibility passed his driver's test! YAY! I thought this would mean no more designated passenger status for me, WRONG! It seems his partner isn't comfortable with his driving solo just yet *sigh*

Breathes & I got our first alone time this week last night! WOOT! Ordered in pizza & wings, watched Ultra Violet & got a foot rub! Life is good!
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