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Yep-twin size. I did it once already, but like I said, I was new to crocheting and it wasn't the greatest. After 10 years, it started to unravel. SO I'm starting it over.

I actually have one on my bed, it's about a full size one that I made, very basic and simple single crochet in deep purple.

GG has one as well, on his queen size bed that I made him, double crochet in a deep green.

This one has "bubbles" on it that make the shape of a heart. Because he's my baby.

I PREFER to do baby blankets. They are big enough to keep me busy for a couple weeks, but not so big I get bored with the design. I try NOT to take on any really big projects, they wear me out. But, sometimes-I give in.

This WILL be the first grandbaby.

Maca is doing ok. He didn't come out to visit today either. It's been snowing for 3 days. BLECH. We talked on the phone and the computer. He asked if it was ok to spend the night Saturday night. He's coming out to work on my mom's deck, then he has a counseling appt with a new counselor. I told him that would be fine.
He's going to cook dinner with Sweet Pea in the dutch oven. Sweet Pea is thrilled. Then Sunday-he's back to town again. It won't be easy. But hopefully it will be good for all of the kids.

GG is struggling with extra bs at work. But he's doing ok.

I walked 6 miles today in the snow. It felt good to get out. I'm holding up. Just taking time to do nothing too important for the most part.
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