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Originally Posted by stillshocked View Post
At the same time, we've been going out, meeting new people, going on dating sites (that don't really support polyamorous dating/relationships, only polyamorous sex hook ups).
Just so you know those sites for poly sex hook ups are not really poly by the traditional definition, or dare I say by anyone who identifies as poly's definition... they are cheating sites that use the word to lure you in. It's a bunch of bull shit if you ask me as poly is mostly about finding love and connection with others with the addition of sex added to the mix more times than not.

Anyway, good luck with your unicorn hunting... you may be in for that long haul. If you have read anything about it on here there are a few things to keep in mind... make sure that you realize what you are looking for is not someone that will mould to your coupledom but someone that has a life with goals, baggage, a personality and a bunch of stuff going on that will entirely change your lives. You will have not just your relationship, but yours with her, you and her, your partners with her and you and your partners... that is four relationships to conduct and balance. It's a lot of work and quite often it all leads to the unicorn falling harder (usually the guy) for one partner over the other and the balance gets tipped and emotions run high....

Just a thought, why not discuss opening your relationship to others and just see what happens. The likelihood of your finding someone that you are both interested in is also low, but you could find interesting people just for yourselves and in addition start some amazing friendships (for want of a better word) with metamours that are deeper than you could imagine. just a thought.

Glad you met Breathesgirl... she is an excellent resource. It just takes meeting one person to meet lots more...
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