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Well let's see. I'm 36 years old, a musician, performer and teacher. Lately my teaching has focused on kids with severe autism and I love that work but current circumstances have me underemployed or unemployed. I also have a passion for social justice and work a lot on facilitating group communication, anti-racism awareness and class empowerment issues.

Three years ago, I left my life in Boston where I was teaching, directing choirs and working in theatre to get a masters degree in theatre and start in a new direction in London, England. Life was going pretty great there. Professionally, I was working in theatre, directing a great choir, working in a great special needs teaching situation and was a resident composer for a modern dance company. Personally, I was finally beginning to develop some great relationships and also had a lovely network of chosen family and friends. Alas, I had to leave all of that very abruptly due to visa issues and changes in immigration laws. Having nowhere to go, I landed here in the Orlando area of Florida and moved in with my retired folks. I'm currently biding my time in Florida helping out my folks while I plot my return. Hopefully I'll get back to London soon after the new year.

As far as relationships-I've identified as bi for as long as I can remember. For various reasons pertaining to my fairly scenic life journey, I've been single pretty much all of my life and have never had a long term partnership. Despite not having any romantic partnerships, I've always had a very open and liberated circle of friends and chosen family where poly was the norm among other things, so it never struck me as anything strange or new. So despite my singleness, I've never felt completely alone...just romantically alone.

Before I left London, I became involved with a lovely man in an open marriage and though we only got to see each other rarely, we continue to keep contact and hope to pick up where we left off when I get back. I was also involved with another man and it was beginning to get serious until circumstance made it necessary for me to move back to the states. That's pretty open ended at the moment with no expectations.

Right now, I am dating a lovely married couple and we are all quite fond of each other, but we don't get to see each other very often and we also all know that cirucumstance will eventually take me far away from them once I move back to London.

I hope at some point in my life to have that elusive primary kind of partnership where I can build a life and a home with someone while also being open to other forms of love. Sometimes, when I reflect the path my relationships have taken, it's completely fine and I'm grateful for the lessons I've learned in my own way. Other times I grieve for all of the time I've spent alone and fear that I've missed the boat and things won't change. (eh- that comes with being human)

In the meantime, I swim a lot, practice lots of yoga and dance, sing and perform, garden and play with the cutest dog in the world. I'm also training to become a sexuality educator with a program called "Our Whole Lives", a sex ed program that incorporates all forms of love, relationships, genders and sexualities. (Oh yeah, and after recently getting laid off from my crap (well, it wasn't that crap. I did get to work with dolphins...just not into the corporate mentality) theme park job, I'm spending a lot of time job hunting)

(QUICK UPDATE: Just after writing this, I was offered a teaching position at a center for kids with autism. Still hourly work, but a good job with steady hours. I'm looking forward to it!)

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