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Originally Posted by RainbowDreamscape View Post
Am I seeing myself as some sort of possession?
What do you mean? You're wondering if you're seeing yourself as belonging to him?
Well maybe you are and maybe you aren't, but that's beyond the point.
Neither of you belong to the other. You have a relationship that is based on trust, and the fact you went behind his back and hid things is betraying that trust. It doesn't mean you are "his" and need his "permission" to do things, but at the very least he deserves to know all the facts beforehand. And if you want the relationship to be the best possible, then ideally, yes, you make sure everything is fine with what is going on, make decisions together, etc.

It's not a case of him having to decide for you, it's a case of you not deciding on your own, and both of you deciding together.
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