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My Poly councilor ROCKS!!! She got right to the nitty gritty…She just has a way of reading body language and asking probing questions like I do and I love it. She can identify the “real” issues when people can’t quite put a finger on it.

So….Wifey informed Nikki a month or so ago that she was falling in love with her. I was excited for them. Nikki told me about this and I slowly started giving them (wifey and Nikki) space where I could…like letting them snuggle on the couch while I sat in my recliner…or not asking to take Nikki somewhere or Wifey somewhere so they could have open time for eachother….all this to me and Nikki seemed like an awesome thing I was doing for them…but to wifey it felt as those her new found feelings pushed me out of her mind when in reality it was me that was drifting off into the shadows…….all in all Nikki and I have been showering Wifey with love and trying to give each other love without withdrawing from wifey even if we think its to give needed space for the other to occupy.
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