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After careful examination of the "flow chart" linked to in post 17 [], I've decided that either (a) the author of that flow chart is decidedly NOT a polyamorist or (b) the author of the flow chart is simply cracking a joke about people who are not polyamorists and yet pretend to be polyamorists.
Actually, the guy who wrote the flowchart is a friend of mine and he is most decidedly poly. He was trying to find a way to illustrate what a lot of single bi girls (many of them partners and/or friends of his) go through when approached by couples with rather unrealistic expectations who are usually new to poly.

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So it could be a married woman that is involved with a couple?

sorry for the confusion, but I am just realizing that I might once have been a unicorn if the definition fits for married women.
From what I can gather, the classic unicorn definition is that the girl is single, so that she can be the belong to the seeking couple and no other. Yet another reason the unicorn is so rare.
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