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Originally Posted by SkeeterV View Post
Oh, shit. Maybe things went too fast. She emailed me tonight and asked if I'm still in love with Flea, and said, “getting emotionally involved with someone I can't have is unhealthy for me.” How do I explain that she can “have” me? The only barrier here is that we live so far away. Lots of people have LDRs. Maybe she will see things in a different light tomorrow.
My suggestion is not to go into more convincing over the phone/email and to keep that line of communication more cheerful. Fly over to see her without expectations of having more, go see her to have fun and have a good time with her. Enjoy each other company, show her that you can be with her and you can be to each other whatever level of interaction/relationship you are both comfortable to be in with each other (okay that was a weird sentence...).
I could also be just rambling...
best of luck,
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